Should you really be using eye creams?

One skincare complaint I hear often is the concern of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eye area.

The skin around the eyes is 10X thinner than any other part of the human body and has very few oil glands. Skin cells need water to survive, so you need to keep hydration levels up to help prevent moisture evaporation which tends to lead to tired, dull looking skin. Combined with stress, allergies, salty foods, crying, season change, and genetics the eye area will always be the hardest area to treat.

When choosing an eye cream, it’s extremely important to choose one that doesn’t use petrolatum or mineral oil. Find one that is well formulated with good emollients and barrier repairing oils, such as sunflower and hyaluronic acid. These oils are better at keeping the eye area hydrated and supple.

There is more to the eye area than just slapping on some cream. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow starting in your mid-twenties.

Exfoliate the eye area regularly1
Just moisturizing with an eye cream won’t cut it. Just like you would on the rest of the body, you must stimulate cell renewal so fresher cells can come to the surface. Use a mild glycolic acid serum a few times a week under your eye cream at night to help slough off dead skin cells. Stay away from exfoliating beads around the eye, while these are great for other parts of body getting them close to the eye area can cause swelling and irritation. Ouch!

Don’t overuse!
More is never better! Over using product doesn’t mean that it’s going to work better or faster. A small pea size is all that you need to cover both eyes. When you put too much on not only are you wasting good product, but every time that you blink your lashes have the chance of picking up microscopic amounts of product and depositing into your eye causing irritation.

Use your ring finger
The eye area is so delicate that pulling on it repeatedly can lead to wrinkles. Never pull outward on the skin, and when applying product around the eyes, use your ring finger because it’s the weakest. It allows you to get a good application without being too aggressive around that area.

Check the ingredient list
Not all eye creams are great for around the eye! A lot of companies fill their products with fragrances and thick oils. You should stay away from ingredients listed as parfume, perfume, synthetic fragrance, safflower, mineral oil (AKA baby oil), coconut oil and olive oil. Using these ingredients around the eye can weigh down delicate skin tissue. Over time, this can weaken elastin fibers causing premature wrinkles and possibly milia. Ever wondered what those tiny little bumps are around the eye? If so, check your make up removers and eye creams, they could be clogging your pores with these ingredients!

So to answer your question, should you really be using eye creams? The answer is yes! I believe the right eye creams and serums can really help stimulate cell turnover and keep the delicate area around the eye hydrated, which will help keep those crow’s feet at bay.




References from Renee Rouleau advice section


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