Sunscreen, Sunscreen On The Wall.. Who’s The Reddest Of Them All?

It’s officially Spring! We can finally look forward to weekends spent outside, vacations at the beach, and well.. being from Kentucky.. Derby!!!

Aside from all the wonderful things that are ahead, did you know that people are more likely to experience a sunburn in the months of April and May? People tend to associate sunburns with the outside temperature. That’s why people are more likely to get a sunburn when skies are overcast or when it’s a cool spring day, they simply do no apply sunscreen. 

It’s so important to know that the UV rays cause a suntan or sunburn, and NOT the temperature. Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, even if you’re inside or feel covered  with clothing.

A common question that I get asked a lot is “I work inside all day, do I really need to wear sunscreen?” YES! If you see the light of day, the light of day also sees your skin. UVA rays can penetrate through your office, car, and home windows. They can also penetrate clouds and your clothes! UVB rays don’t penetrate glass, but they are the rays responsible for your suntan or sunburn.

I have a perfect example of why wearing sunscreen daily is extremely important!
It was a couple years ago, I was working inside one Thursday morning. I admit that I was a little lazy that AM putting my sunscreen on, only covering the skin that was exposed: my face, neck, and arms. It was so beautiful out, so I decided to take my lunch to the picnic table around the corner to enjoy the sunshine, a cool breeze, a book, and my packed lunch. After 30 minutes, I decided to head back in to finish up some work and went about my day. Later that night I was changing into my comfy clothes and noticed a huge red spot on my leg. Confused, I tried to think of anything that could have caused it.. Did I bump into anything, a bug bite, wait.. a sunburn? Could it be that the UVA rays penetrated straight though my thick Lululemon leggings? I couldn’t believe that in just 30 minutes outside with covered legs, I could still get a sunburn. It just goes to show, no matter how cool the temperature is, the UVA rays are still just as strong as on a hot summer day.

You should be applying a Broad Spectrum SPF of at least 30 all over and reapplying often when outside. I often use a quarter size on each limb, quarter size for the front and back of my neck, and a dime size on my face.

After all, UV light is the number 1 causes of premature wrinkles and plays a major role in the formation of skin cancer!

Here is a list of my favorite sunscreens!

Daily body sunscreen : Supergoop Everyday sunscreen with Cellular response technology SPF 50 – I buy the 18 oz pump so it lasts me all summer long!

Lip coverage: Supergoop Fusion lip SPF 30 or Supergoop Perk Up lip/cheek treat

Daily face sunscreen: Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion tinted SPF 50 or OBAGI Medical Broad Spectrum SPF 50 matte finish if it’s going to be a hot summer day.




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