Aesthetician Spotlight

Today marks my four year anniversary as a licensed Aesthetician! These past four years have taught me so much about myself and others. I started my Aesthetics career working at European Wax Center in Louisville, KY. I grew up in a small town, so moving to the City was a huge change for me. After working at the very first EWC in Louisville for a year, I decided to do a little more with my license, and I moved my business over to Fritz’s Salon and Spa for men. There I specialized in men’s skin care and body waxing. Three years later I started working at Clinical day spa  specializing  in chemical peels and dermaplaning and couldn’t be happier!

Name: Katie

Hometown: Grew up in Rineyville, KY but now live in Louisville, KY

Years licensed: FOUR!

Skin type: Sensitive with oily T-zone and hyperpigmentation. 

What are YOUR top three skin concerns? preventive care, blackheads, and uneven skin tone

Favorite product & why? Sunscreen! The sun’s UV rays cause almost 90% of premature aging! protect your skin!!!

Why did you decide to become an Aesthetician? Growing up I had severe cystic acne so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what worked for me, and fell in love with changing and helping the skins overall health and appearance.

What is something outside of work that you enjoy? Hot yoga!! and i’ve recently got into cooking new recipes!

Do you have advice for aspiring aestheticians: EDUCATE! Educate yourself and others, and always stay on current trends! 

Favorite skincare service: hmmm, that’s a tough one! Right now, dermaplaning! It’s amazing to see how much dry skin and peach fuzz actually comes off!! 

Favorite beauty subscription: Sephora play! 

Favorite beauty blog: Lab muffin! I love how she breaks down skincare with science! 

Favorite advice to give: hydrate internally and externally! Drink plenty of water and use Vitamin C serums! Careful around the eye area and you’re never too young to start anti-aging products! Oh, and USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY, even in the winter! 


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