Getting down to the bottom of it!

You’ve heard that air on an airplane can be drying to the skin (refer back to blog post “Are You A Frequent Flyer”) but how dry is it really? As someone who travels a lot to visit family in the sunshine state, I decided to get to the bottom of it and do an experiment to find out how dry the airplane cabin really is.

Supplies needed:

  • Water bottle with cap
  •  Cotton shirt

Now take a look at the picture above, The first 2 photos were taken in the airplane 25,000 Feet in the air. I filled my water bottle cap half way and poured it onto my 100% cotton denim button up at 4:30 PM. I kept a close eye on the spot and watched it completely disappear 13 minutes after I poured it! I was beyond shocked, I immediately took a sample size moisturizer I keep in my purse and applied it all over! I couldn’t believe it.

The last 2 pictures posted above were taken when I arrived at my parents home in Orlando, FL. It was a beautiful March day, around 72 degrees. I took the same water bottle cap and filled it half full and poured it onto the same 100% cotton denim button up at 10:00 PM. I watched the shirt closely, realizing there was still a significant amount of water left on the shirt 13 minutes after it was poured. It wasn’t until an hour and 12 minutes later when the spot was completely dry!

This experiment just enforces how important it is to take care of our skin while we travel. Skin is the largest organ of the entire body, and it needs water to survive. Without it, you are compromising the overall  health and appearance of your skin, and increasing the possibility and likelihood of lines and wrinkles. 

To help prevent dryness, you should apply a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid. If you have a long flight, I would suggest applying the serum a couple of times throughout your flight and to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When you land, exfoliate any dryness off the skin and apply a hydrating mask to help replenish moisture loss.


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